Deal With The Devil Pt 1 – Getting To My Hotel

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September 16, 2007

So you already know I went down to LA last week to audition for Merv Griffin’s Crosswords, yeah? The entire trip was really a blast, and sort of a mini-vacation too. I head to the airport straight from work on Thursday and check in, then a couple hours later I’m in LAX. I only brought enough stuff to fit into a duffel bag so I wouldn’t have to check anything, so within minutes from getting off the plane I’m in a rental car shuttle and headed to get my car.My trusty iPhone with Google Maps in hand (let me aside here for a moment: had I not had Google Maps available live, my printed maps would have been useless since the rental car counters had moved away from LAX since the last time Expedia updated their information) I hit the LA freeway and head north to my hotel.

Here’s what driving in LA sounds like: I took the 105 to the 110 to the 101. It’s like driving in the East Bay up here, only all the time. Now imagine the worst areas of traffic and bad driving in the Bay Area, and you have what it’s like to drive around LA, again, all the time.

Now that’s not really so bad, since I’ve been living and driving in San Francisco for about 12 years or so, I really felt right at home on the freeways in LA. I take my life into my own hands driving on surface roads around here, so I actually felt a little safer being on the freeway most of the time. Anyway.

It takes some time to get to the hotel, but there was apparently a Dodger game the night I arrived, so that explains the traffic. I arrive and check in, and find I’m in probably one of the nicest rooms that the Best Western Hollywood Hills has to offer! There’s even a restaurant in the hotel, so I go get a burger and head back to my room for some Civ IV and relaxation.

Soon will come Part2, the audition.

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