I’m Watching The Manhattan Project While I Write This

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January 9, 2008

I just need stuff on in the background while I do… while I do other stuff.

I thought I’d put up a few crappy camera-phone pics I managed to sneak out of The Devil Clause shoot and give you a behind-the-scenes look at how we throw one of these episodes together. At the end I’ve also got a couple lousy shots from the shoot of the latest contribution to the ongoing story arc. Yuri’s already written a bit about it in his latest production blog.

Wow, John Lithgow had that hot nerd thing going, didn’t he? He was really young back then. I love how “the purest plutonium in the universe” is being dripped into and presumably stored in a Tupperware bottle.

OK, on with it then.

Top-down on the “Broommates” set. Commence drooling.

Detail on the bear drawing. Yuri did this one. He kept saying he didn’t remember what a bear looked like, hence the label “BEAR”.

Rudolph. I don’t recall if Dashiell or Skip did this one.

Watching The Manhattan Project just really makes me wish I was watching Real Genius.

Santa. I don’t recall if Skip or Dashiell did this one.

The man himself. I love the sunglasses, typical LA Santa.

What I do when I arrive at every shoot. Pick up the latest script and Dashiell’s replica Kill Bill katana. Bill’s, not Beatrix’s.

Here’s a bonus shot from the episode 5 shoot. We count using the new math now. Episode 4 is still next, then after that is 5. That’s not so new, I guess.

A very young Cynthia Nixon is in this, too. The Sex In The City movie is going to be fucking stupid. Like The Manhattan Project.

And finally…

The lovely soon-to-be Mrs. Toshiyuki manning a light. Daniela can be seen off to the side there. Maybe. Whatever, I don’t know.

2 thoughts on “I’m Watching The Manhattan Project While I Write This”

  1. Sam Wood says:

    Hmm…I always thought that the broommates set would be larger. haha I can’t wait for Ep.4, one more day.

  2. dancemonkey says:

    And that day has come and gone! Hope you loved it.

    Just day-after-tomorrow for Episode 5!

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