Where Have I Been?!

January 11, 2012

So it’s been awhile since I posted anything on my blog, and for that I owe all twelve of you reading this an apology. I kid, I kid… I’m one of the twelve reading this, so it’s really only eleven people I owe an apology to.

Why has it been so long? I would blame Twitter and Facebook, and that might even be partially accurate, except for the fact that the real reason is simpler: I’m lazy. I post all the time to Twitter and Facebook, but guess what? I only post to Twitter and it automagically feeds my Facebook status. So I’ve set myself up in such a way that I only have a responsibility to post 140 characters or less and it populates to the two major networks of people that can reasonably be accused of giving a shit about what’s going on in my life. Pretty cool, huh?

So why the blog at all then? I’m not really sure. I guess for when you have something to talk about that’s more than 140 characters in importance? If you’ve read this far then you no doubt realized about 500 characters ago that I have nothing really that important to talk about so far, so why am I even writing this?

Because I promised myself that I would, and I keep my promises.

It’s not exactly a New Year’s Resolution, because those are dumb and I never really thought New Year’s was that important a holiday in the first place. You see, writing is something that I really, really enjoy but never actually do. It’s kind of like acting in that sense, only with writing there is one very important difference: you can do it whenever you want.

I can surely act whenever I want, but 99% of the time that amounts to acting very strange in a very public place, with people either not paying attention to you or actively avoiding you. With acting you are mostly subject to the whims and caprices of other people’s choices, other people that may or may not decide to use you in their project. Then once you do book a project you are at the mercy of the Scheduling Gods and have to come and go at their pleasure.

Writing is something that requires only your mind and some time, and that time can come whenever and wherever you decide it to. I’ve always liked that about writing, and it only took about 25 years for me to come back around to something I used to really, really love doing and start really making an effort to do it again.

So that pretty much starts here, with committing to writing every day. Now hold on, I didn’t say I would write on this blog every day, I have just committed to 500 words of writing per day. I do actually have a couple writing jobs that actually pay me money and take up my time and talents, and I fully intend for that writing to count towards my daily quota. And why not? Horribly produced corporate videos count as “real acting”, so why can’t blogging-for-hire count as writing?

I also fairly permanently seem to have stopped biting and/or picking my nails, so I figured if I can stop doing that, I can write 500 lousy words a day. Which appears to be what I’ve written here, 558 lousy words. Thanks for reading!

1 thought on “Where Have I Been?!”

  1. Rosella Weigand says:

    Jeez, where have I been? I just discovered that you have a blog. Consider me someone you don’t have to apologize to for lagging on your blogging.

    Best of luck w/ successfully writing 500 words daily, Drew!

    I respect a man who counts his words. 😉

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