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Kindle Fire vs. iPad Review

So I’ve had a Kindle Fire now since Christmas, thanks to my mother and my insatiable hunger for gadgets. As the former long-time owner of an iPad (it now more or less belongs to my wife and 6-year-old son now), I think I can compare the two in terms that should make it easy to … Continue reading »

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Real-World iPad Extravaganza!

I recently took a three-week road trip across the country, visiting 13 cities in 14 states (we blasted right through Oklahoma without staying the night), meeting dozens of interesting people, and doing lots and lots of work. I know that there are questions that a lot of you would want answered about a trip like … Continue reading »

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Putting Junk In Your Trunk

This is something I’ve been meaning to write about but haven’t yet gotten around to. Well, I guess as of now I have gotten around to it, unless you count “now” as being “time of writing”, in which case, at this point, I have not yet written about what I am about to write about. … Continue reading »

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