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Extremely Important News – Please Read!

My results on the Sesame Street Song Quiz. The Sesame Street Song Quiz Score: 90% (9 out of 10)

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Test post from new iphone app

Just checking out the functionality of this new iPhone app for wordpress blogs.

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Working On A Saturday

As the title implies, I’ve scheduled myself to work today. I took a couple weekdays off and didn’t feel like burning any more vacation time for now. Working Saturday isn’t all bad, there’s nothing really going on, so I’m free to do whatever I want. And I’m bored out of my skull. I have my … Continue reading »

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The WGA Strike Isn’t All Bad

I read somewhere that it put Angels and Demons, the prequel to DaVinci Code, on ice. Thank God.

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Random Crap, And I Do Mean Crap.

This new Terminator spinoff show is only, I’d say, 45% as bad as Tim Goodman says it is. He is fallible after all. I think everyone in the universe woke up Monday morning and realized that not only did they not ever give a shit about the Golden Globes, but no one else in the … Continue reading »

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Cory and Tyra sitting in a tree…

I am so damn sick of Cory Doctorow talking about himself that I am completely canceling my subscription to Boing Boing. Yes, I’m missing out on hundreds of otherwise impossible-to-find-on-your-own internet gems but I just can’t stand to listen to this guy anymore. He’s like the intelligent, political, socially-conscious Tyra Banks. Notice how I  selflessly … Continue reading »

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Thought I’d Go Back For The First One

TV theme songs I Score: 100% (15 out of 15) Smoked this one, too…

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I’m a Major Ex-Couch Potato

TV theme songs II Score: 100% (15 out of 15) Take the quiz yourself!

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