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Merv Griffin Reaches For Me From The Grave

Posted by on September 1, 2007

 Update: This was postponed since I booked an acting gig here in SF. I am now going to LA this coming Thursday, September 13th.

It’s happened, that moment you’ve all been waiting for: I’m going to LA next week to audition for a game show.

There’s not really much more to say about that. It’s Merv Griffin’s Crosswords, something I imagine involves a giant checkerboard with letters on it, and pie throwing. I imagine that, but I don’t imagine that what I imagine is correct.

Pie throwing would be nice, though.

I’ll live-blog it while on the way there, but not really since I can’t really live blog from my phone yet. I may work on that too. Otherwise, I’ll take notes and then pretend to live-blog it once I get home. In other words, I’ll write another blog post about it.

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