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“How long a minute is, depends on which side of the bathroom door you’re on.”

The title to this post is known as Zall’s Second Law. Every week it seems like Thursday arrives without any warning, and I find myself frantically typing in search of something of any value to write about. Yesterday I asked someone at work how his day was going, and he said “five minutes ago it … Continue reading »

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New Episodes of Break A Leg

I’ve been lazy about this. Watch these: Episode 14, War Games PSA, Join the New Child Actor’s Guild! Episode 15, Old Ghosts

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Break A Leg and job security

This was also posted today on Break A Leg. As a beginning actor years ago in San Francisco, I would scour several trade magazines, and eventually had memberships with a few websites once those became fashionable. I would mail, MAIL, headshots and resumes by the handful on a weekly basis, just trying to book a … Continue reading »

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