Fixit List

The inspiration for this app is that my family and I had just bought a home, and I wanted an app dedicated to keeping track of all of the things you find out you need to do and buy once you own your own place.

Why not just a good old-fashioned to-do list, several of which I’ve purchased over the years? I wanted something separate from my everyday to-do list, so that it wouldn’t be cluttered with dozens of little items we needed to pick up at the hardware store or minor repairs that needed to get done (none of which really had a “due date” per se, but that we still wanted to keep track of). There are also lots of little things in this app that standard task lists don’t have a field for: price, location, photos. I wanted all of that in ONE app, and didn’t want it mixed in with the other things in my life that I also needed to do.

Ultimately I stopped using the app even myself, for a variety of reasons. Two major reasons stick out in my mind: we did most of the major things that needed doing, and the minor things that needed doing were so minor that I didn’t even really need to keep track of them. Kind of like being a parent, when you own a home you start to build up a separate little closet in your brain where you file all of the things that need to get done, and no longer really need to write them down.

I hate the app as it is now: it looks ugly and feels amateurish. But I did learn a lot while creating it, primarily about Core Data (this was my first attempt at using it), so it’s not a total loss. I also dipped into creating a dedicated website for the app and trying out some Facebook advertising, so at least I understand the process and started to get an understanding of how to spend marketing dollars.

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