Time for an update

I haven’t posted a lot lately so I figured it’s time for an update, hence the title of this post. I mean posting to a blog actually seems kind of weird with Twitter and Facebook and Instagram keeping your family and fans up to date on the latest goings-on, but I guess if you’re going to have it you should probably keep up with it.

Major changes are afoot for myself and the rest of the Lanning family, which I’ll outline in detail soon once I’ve shared said changes with the rest of the extended Lanning family. Without giving away TOO much I can safely say that any changes in my life will have absolutely no effect on most of you reading this post, because you probably barely know me and chances are we haven’t even met in person.

If you’re an exception to that profile then, well, okay.

Stay tuned!

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Another SpeeDee spot!

I did this a little while ago, but it’s still airing nationally and it’s a well-done spot. About time I got around to posting it here.

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My Head Is Another Giant Consumer Thing!

Continuing with the theme of my giant head being inside of giant things that people are trying to sell to other people, we have this great new spot for Creditcards.com. I can’t tell you how fun it was being inside that giant credit card costume all day, because after about 20 minutes it wasn’t anymore!

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Leap Year Blooper Reel!

We screw up a lot and it’s worth watching us do it, lest you think we’re all perfect and god-like.

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SpeeDee Oil Change Commercial

I finally found a copy online of my SpeeDee Oil Change commercial, which seemingly everyone in the world except me has already seen. Check it out:

SpeeDee oil change from Samplistic on Vimeo.

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Leap Year S02 E02

I’m a few days late, but anyone who’s anyone has probably already seen this. Episode 2, guest starring Emma Caulfield.

It really helps if you not only watch it but comment on it, share it, Tweet it… do all of those social network-y things!

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Leap Year Season Two Begins… Now!

Check it out, in all of its Eliza Dushku-ness. Make sure you not only watch it but share it, rate it, comment on it, cook a romantic meal for it… whatever it takes to get the word out.

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From The Webz – Arby’s Commercials

Maybe you’ve already seen ’em, but if you haven’t here they are: three internet commercials for Arby’s luscious Reuben sandwich. I’m pretty sure their slogan isn’t “It’s like putting sex in your mouth”, but it should be! Produced by the eminently creative team at HLG Films.

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