Press Clippings

March 5, 2012

Some exciting stuff landed in my inbox this week, thanks to a Google Alert I have set up for my own name (doesn’t everybody?). Needless to say, it all references Leap Year Season 2, but it’s always great to see your name in print. Or LCD.

  • tubefilter – Great article that goes into some detail about HLG Films, and the results of the first season on Hiscox brand awareness.
  • Hollywood Reporter – A bit lighter reading than the tubefilter article, but it’s still my name in Hollywood Reporter.
  • PR Newswire – Not that impressive in and of itself since it’s just where all the press releases go, but it’s a nicely-written article and again, my name is in it.
  • Pontiac Daily Leader – I think “Drew” and “Lanning” appeared somewhere in this article, because it sure had nothing to do with me. In the interests of full transparency I’m posting it anyway.

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