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Author Archives: Drew Lanning

Press Clippings

Some exciting stuff landed in my inbox this week, thanks to a Google Alert I have set up for my own name (doesn’t everybody?). Needless to say, it all references Leap Year Season 2, but it’s always great to see your name in print. Or LCD. tubefilter – Great article that goes into some detail about … Continue reading »

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Kindle Fire vs. iPad Review

So I’ve had a Kindle Fire now since Christmas, thanks to my mother and my insatiable hunger for gadgets. As the former long-time owner of an iPad (it now more or less belongs to my wife and 6-year-old son now), I think I can compare the two in terms that should make it easy to … Continue reading »

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Audition Advice From NBC’s “Smash”

Spoilers Ahead, don’t say I didn’t warn you. I’m not exactly sure why I watched the first episode of the new show Smash, which is set to premiere on February 6 but can currently be watched through Xfinity’s OnDemand for free. I mean I know why, my wife put it on while we were waiting … Continue reading »

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About Being Unemployed

I’ll tell you one thing about not having a job: it’s pretty awesome. I know my wife and my son thought it was pretty awesome, but the flip-side to that is my landlord probably wasn’t so thrilled about it. After doing the 7-Eleven Road Trip Rally, I quit my job of 15 years. It’s was scary, fun, … Continue reading »

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Where Have I Been?!

So it’s been awhile since I posted anything on my blog, and for that I owe all twelve of you reading this an apology. I kid, I kid… I’m one of the twelve reading this, so it’s really only eleven people I owe an apology to. Why has it been so long? I would blame … Continue reading »

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Leap Year Is Here!

The web series to end all web series has finally debuted, and it is a doozy! We’re even featured on the home page of! Well we were, really… really! Anyway, see for yourself what critics around the world have called “the best web series sponsored by a small-business insurance company” by going to … Continue reading »

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Leap Into The Something

I’m sitting on a transnational flight heading from San Francisco to New York City, to shoot for a few days on a web series project called Leap Year. Without getting into too much detail, it’s basically about some people who take the leap from the business world of steady employment and start their own businesses. … Continue reading »

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Black & Decker Commercial

You’ve seen it on HGTV, you’ve apparently seen it on The Sing-Off when you were watching The Sing-Off for some reason, and now it’s here! Watch me rock your world with a wrench built by robots from the future. Ratcheting Readywrench by Black & Decker

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