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No Excuses – Do Your Acting Homework

Today I had an audition, a fairly easy one that was right up my alley. I was to wear a suit and just stand up and talk a lot, a skill-set that represents 99% of the jobs I’ve been booking this year. The problem came with the talking part: see, for some reason I had … Continue reading »

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Auditions from the other side

I recently went to Los Angeles to help cast for an upcoming project, in which I am already cast. I was technically there in my capacity as “host”, but due to my long relationship with the producers and my constant interaction with the talent, I was included in every casting discussion from start to finish. … Continue reading »

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Next Big Project

I’m in Los Angeles, taking part in four days of auditions for a big project that happens in May. Some of you may or may not already know a little bit about it; rest assured that an update will be coming as soon as I can release the information. For now here’s a hint: follow … Continue reading »

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Audition Update

Four in the last seven days, all high value/low effort jobs. Came THIS close on one callback I had but lost out in the end. Auditioning is like gambling, except the vig is in the actor’s favor. More auditions = more jobs, it’s just a matter of time. Wins usually come in streaks. Losses too … Continue reading »

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Callback today

Had a great callback today, the year is starting off well. I love when I actually look forward to auditions rather than be annoyed by them. Plus, Lucky Charms were in the cafeteria at work this morning!

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